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Become an Ambassador Inspired by Nature, Driven by Purpose

At Manta Ray EV, our journey is deeply rooted in a passion for preserving our planet's natural wonders. The inspiration for our name and mission comes from a poignant environmental concern: the declining health of coral reefs and its consequential impact on majestic marine life, like the Manta Rays. Our CEO, driven by a personal connection to these marvels of the ocean, was compelled to seek innovative solutions.

Our Focus: Accelerating EV Adoption for a Greener Future

We recognize the crucial role coral reefs play, not just in marine ecosystems but also as substantial carbon sinks, vital in mitigating climate change. This understanding fuels our commitment to hasten the mass adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). By shifting towards cleaner transportation, we aim to contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions, thus aiding in the protection and restoration of these vital ecosystems.

Become an Ambassador: Be Part of the Change


We invite you to join us in this critical mission as a Manta Ray EV Ambassador. By becoming an ambassador, you'll play a key role in promoting sustainable practices and advocating for the widespread use of EVs. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring a healthier planet for future generations and safeguarding the natural habitats of awe-inspiring species like the Manta Ray.

Join us. Drive change. Protect our oceans.

How it works


Join the Ambassador program and invite 20 new, unique users. Upon reaching this goal, you become part of our ambassador program!


Post about Manta Ray EV on social media and include your unique invite link. You can create your own content or use something from our creative library.


Grow your invites and redeem them for Manta Ray EV tokens $mrev which can be redeemed for exciting rewards in the Ambassador program.

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